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Popular Nikon Lenses for Shooting Video from Nikon This lens is a favorite of DPs and filmmakers both in Hollywood and in the Indie Nikon f/1.4 prime lenses (clockwise from top left) AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.4G, 

19 May 2014 Declaring these particular lenses as “best” for DSLR video is a bit of a First establish up front what style of video you'll be filming. In this situation, prime lenses (those with fixed focal lengths) are usually the best as they  Primes vs Zooms - Video & Filmmaker magazineVideo 27 Jan 2014 It's rare to find a good zoom lens that has an aperture lower than 2.8 Although zooms are less traditional on a film set than prime lenses, they  What is the Best Canon Lens for Video? - Wolfcrow 25 Jul 2019 If you're confused by what the best canon lens for video is, this is the This generally corresponds to the Super 35mm sensor/film size for filmmaking.. the PL and EF mount (they were launched near to the CN-E prime set, 

1 Sep 2019 This is where the quality of a good prime lens shows!. being a great match for filming yourself with the front-facing screen of the Sony a6400 

15 Nov 2018 Best Lenses For the Videographer and Filmmaker In 2018.. want that feature film to sparkle, spring for the ARRI/Zeiss Master Prime lenses.

9 Oct 2019 What's the Best Prime Lens for Video and Photography? We're comparing 6 Canon L lenses today, the 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, Film Jams. The 10 Best Canon Mount Lenses for Video in 2019 Sigma 35mm T1.5 High Speed Prime Lens ($125 for a designed specifically for cinematography, though  9 things you should know about using prime lenses | TechRadar 14 Nov 2018 Switch to a 50mm f/1.4 prime lens and the largest available aperture is So-called 'faster' lenses aren't just good for avoiding camera-shake Back in the days of 35mm film, a 50mm prime was considered a 'standard' lens. 5 best lenses for shooting video with a Canon DSLR camera

Panasonic GH4: Essential Prime Lenses for Your Documentary

Best Full Frame Lenses for the Sony A7III | 4K Shooters May 27, 2019 · The Sony A7III has become a wildly popular camera and rightly so. The combination of features, quality and, of course, price, make it hugely attractive. One of its big selling points is the full frame sensor and the resulting shallow depth of field along with light gathering ability and everything else that goes into the fabled ‘Full-frame look’ – answers in the comments as to what that Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses - The Ultimate Guide The Best Zoom Lenses for Micro Four Thirds. Recall that I mentioned that I prefer primes over zooms any day, but that preference changes from person to person. With that being said, the following are not only the best zoom lenses, but also Honorable Mentions for the best overall lenses on Micro Four Thirds. Best Nikon Lenses 2019: 8 lenses perfect for your DSLR Jan 31, 2019 · Have you outgrown the basic kit lens of your Nikon DSLR? Then check out this guide that reveals the best Nikon lenses for all aspiring photographers. When you buy your first DSLR, you’re likely The 10 Best Canon Mount Lenses for Video - BorrowLenses Blog

Aug 24, 2017 · With all these options, it’s easy to get lost and end up with a lens that is low quality or one that isn’t even compatible with your camera. To tackle the issue, filmmaker Jack Junior has created a video that outlines some of the best lenses to use for full-frame mirrorless and DSLR filmmaking, specifically for the Sony A6500 and A6300 cameras. We take an in-depth look into what lens you should buy for your DSLR. What they do and what a few lens-related terms mean. Budget Lenses: Canon 50mm https Prime lens are a must have in your arsenal and Rokinon is our first recommendation for the best prime lens for shooting video.

These lenses are not in a competition, one is not better or worse than the other, they are peers. My 3 favorite prime lenses for filming weddings: Canon 35mm 1.4L, 50mm1.2L and 85mm 1.2L! My Favorite Filmmaking Gear CHECK US OUT: Website Vintage lenses are also cheap and great for filmmaking. In this videography lesson, learn about the two primary types of DSLR lenses, the prime lens and the zoom lens, and examine the pros and cons of each. Xeen series, lenses catered toward filmmaking professionals.

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31 Jan 2019 In fact, you can get a range of top lenses for less than £300, from simple Another ultra-compact pancake prime that's perfect to throw into a 

These are the best cheap lenses for canon DSLR filmmaking, vlogging, documentary, and video production.

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6 May 2019 That said, if you're looking for the best DSLR lens for video, Canon that's very useful for filmmaking, the 35mm f/1.4L II prime has special Blue 

With our advanced optical designs, our cine lenses are ideal for producing A range of Full-Frame cinema prime lenses with a specially designed A large aspherical, telephoto, 4k lens with best-in-class zoom magnification and a robust design. A lightweight cinematography lens for 2k and 4k production, available in