Use \usepackage[normalem]{ulem} and then \uline{}. It allows line breaks in the underlined text. Other forms of underlining (double, waves) or emphasis (crossed out, ) are also supported. See the image in Url with fragments in bold for examples. You can do this with the \sectionrule command in the sectsty package. Finding an underline I like has proven surprisingly hard — in this post, I’ll show you the different ways I’ve tried to LaTeX font question: How do I underline text in a LaTeX document? This actually ends up being one of the easiest things to accomplish related to LaTeX font Latex allows you to cite the references that you are going to use in your paper. This video demonstrates the entire process.

Jul 17, 2019 · In addition to direct UTF-8 input, LaTeX supports the composition of special characters. This is convenient if your keyboard lacks some desired accents and other diacritics. The following accents may be placed on letters. Although 'o' letter is used in most of the examples, the accents may be placed on any letter.

Thursday, August 27, 2009. How to highlight text in LaTeX. Add the following to your preamble How can I use tab stops and underline at the same time? I need to draw something like How can I underline text in LaTeX? In fine typography, underlined text is not very common; switching to a different type style (usually italics) is the preferred way to I got the answer to underline a character in a text on a graphic : ('\underline{X}', 'Interpreter', 'latex') BUT. How to use. This Atom package latex-underline uses no TeX package. When you select text hogehoge that is wanted to make underlined and type ctrl+alt+L, \underline command is inserted as follows.

Latex allows you to cite the references that you are going to use in your paper. This video demonstrates the entire process.

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@JonasDralle: I guess that \uline draws the line at the maximum distance independent of the content while \underline directly uses the bounding box of the content. Test it again with content which has a depth, like the word gym. Note that \underline is AFAIK designed for math and will not break around lines. So it might be fine for single words

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When adding code snippets to my LaTeX documents, I use lstlisting. It is a syntax highlighting environment that can easily be tweaked to match your own styling. Example of syntax highlighting with lstlisting and the style defined below. To do this you need to use the package listings: \usepackage The normal \underline{text} seems pretty bad. It does not break at new line. So I found that we can use a package called “ulem”. This is how to do it How is LaTeX to know the dierence between “sin” as function name and “sin” as the product of the variables s, i, and n? A workaround for this is to click on the block’s 3 vertical dots, select Edit as HTML, then add this inline CSS What is LaTeX? How LaTeX Works. The LaTeX Input File. Entering LaTeX Commands. How to contribute.

r/LaTeX: How to center text in a given length underline. I'm trying to figure out how and be able to add text to the middle of the lines on the right as needed. Basic Text Formatting - ConTeXt wiki - ConTeXt garden 14 May 2015 1 Font Switches; 2 Capitalizing words; 3 Underline, strike through, and See the article on Font Switching to understand how to change font  libreoffice - What are the options to add a full automatic Using the regular underline ( U ) isn't automatic and can brake down in some narrow displays. I should note that if there is a clear distinction  LaTeX/Fonts - Wikibooks, open books for an open world In order to add some emphasis to a word or a phrase, use the \emph{text} command, which usually. command from the ulem (underline emphasis) package.

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19 Oct 2016 LaTeX can do that. And much more. Try it out with ShareLaTeX, it's free. When you have a LaTeX setup working, try this code:

Lines can be drawin in LaTeX using the \line function. This takes an x-slope, y-slope and length like so: \line (x-slope,y-slope){length}. To draw a horizontal line (or horizontal rule), set the x-slope to 1 and the y-slope to zero.